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About Me.

Originally from Saratoga Springs, NY, I am a senior in illustration with a minor in psychology at Rochester Institute of Technology. I have always had a passion for art in many forms, styles, and media. Art is a mode of expression, and I find myself with a desire to innovate and inspire others. Art is a language in which people can communicate and I hope to connect to others on a level deeper than words through this form. 

I have previously held internships in creative content design, graphic design, and illustrative work. I have also participated in many art events in my local community in Rochester including the Cornhill Arts Festival, Liv Co. Wall Mural Project, and the Public Market Arts Festival. Through these opportunities, I learned about client based work, design aspects, and working on a large scale. 

I find many of my hobbies inspire and aid my work. I love exploring nearby trails, reading, listening to music and curating playlists, as well as sculpting and running. I consider myself to be very active and am restless in both my art and life. 



Cornhill Arts Festival

First Place Emerging Artist  

Awarded first place for the annual Corn Hill Arts Festival in Rochester, NY. Awarded for craftsmanship of work shown during the two day festival. 


Yosemite Sierra Artists

Best of Show

Awarded best of show for the annual Visions of Self show hosted by the Women's Voices, Women's Vision group of Yosemite Sierra Artists. Awarded for shown work of a charcoal self portrait. 

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